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Product Care

We believe in quality creations and fashion that never goes out of style. Therefore Walaky invests in quality raw materials for its creations including 925 silver, gold, quality leather, quality silk and so on. Precious metals and other quality raw materials have limitations in use. Cleaning and maintenance of Walaky products should always be done as described by Walaky. This section outlines the instructions on how to use, clean and preserve your own Walaky creations.

Precious metals and other quality raw materials change over the course of their lifetime. Scratches, colour changes and oxidation are a normal part of this. Wear and tear gives every creation a unique look and feel, fitting the true identity of the owner.

Things to do. Things not to do.

Creations with a Gold surface covering Sterling Silver (925) should NOT be polished.

Take care of your Walaky! With basic care, you can help preserve your Walaky.

Jewelry storage is important as well. At the time of purchase, all Walaky. jewelry is wrapped in a protective box, case or tarnish-resistant pouch. Between wearings, we recommend that you place it back in its original case or another suitably lined box or pouch