Saint-Tropez Bracelet



Inspired by St-Tropez nightlife, Walaky was born to worship The Now. Parties, sun and the sound of crashing waves. Luxury Accessories for Paradise.
This creation stands out with clean strong lines with small details. Shining in sophistication. The St-Tropez Bracelet is a classic Walaky Icon.


925 Polished Sterling Silver
  • Small branding marks on the outside of the centerpiece
  • Material details on the inside and side (small marks to confirm materials and quality)
  • Strong clean design

All precious metals used in Walaky creations are carefully reviewed by our own specialists in The Netherlands to ensure the quality of Gold and Sterling Silver (925).

Additionally; in accordance with the laws and regulations of the European Union, when applicable, our bracelets have been examined and approved (and stamped) by the official and independent institution (based in Gouda, The Netherlands) appointed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, to make absolutely sure our precious metals (Gold and 925 Sterling Silver) are real and of the right quality.


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